Never lost

Never lost
I am never lost
when I lose myself
on a map

Stay leveled
pull out my compass
for the right direction

I may lose in moments
but I am never lost

Stay calm
because the sun moon stars
are always there to
guide me

colors, tone,
shapes and forms

Subtle hints
ingenius clues
I will always find a way

I may lose in moments
but I am never lost



I found you
out of the blue

You catch me
like lakefront waves on a windy Chicago day
crashing, swallowing
my feet buried deep in granular rocks and minerals,

Turbulent currents slowly spiral
into stillness
water retreats
dig my feet out from under

And I feel my mind shaking
my hands trembling
These waves tugged at my heart strings.
These waves unearthed my feet,
exposing me.

I’m here.

I walk towards the still water
brush my fingers along the line where water meets sand…
Haven’t felt peace quite like this before

And I just know.
You are water.