a door closes
but another opens-
Needless to say
it is still
waddling through
that frame
and will probably
remain that way
until I find
the perfect room
to furnish
my own


Dec 2011

I ask myself: what am I missing?
You, or the thought of you.
But this I know,
a cavernous aching:
for another pair of eyes
see the length at which the mountains reach high
up towards the soft neon glow against a creamy sky
for more than two ears
hear the whispers of a steady breeze debating gently
with the sufficiently oxygenated atmosphere
for more than my own hair stand up
when the pulse of a morning lounge beat
stirs me away from complacency
If I ask you to stay, it would be to stay
and listen to the echoes of this valley with me.
then, I will confess:
There is nothing more soothing than moments in which reflections of your eyes are visible in mine.
I cannot settle for less.
As clouds fly by
I will continue to seek your face and the lines
on your hands
and fit them in mine.


It’s bursting out of my chest
like I can’t contain it
I don’t know how
to not want to be part of the thrill
be an hour of the night
lava oozing, out of the pores of their skins
magic floating in air
like dust particles
invisible to them naked eyes
but a medley to lovers intertwined

Cheers to love
and every baggage and smile that
comes through with it.

Conspiracy of Silence

Something snapped so hard in my cerebellum
that my brain started to smell like the gutter
and all the junk and litter
created in thin air, out of
began to overflow, and eventually
poured down from the heavens into hell
drowned me

Then something slapped me so hard
across my face
and woke me up from this
Thank God he created light
that I can see from within this brooding tunnel
and beyond the spit next to my feet

I keep my pupils dilated
in anticipation for
a homecoming desecration
defiled again and again
my instinct howls at the moon like
that lone hilltop wolf-
too young to die soon
but too old to miss the truth
and sincerity of life and chances
that await to embrace
and fondle the scabs on my face

Now it’s time that I
engrave my new name on a
fine steel slate
Born to race, born to flight
to champion these thorns
and cuffs on my wrists
let Redemption Song soak in
and emancipation reek to sin
against a fraud and a crime
corruption of the “wise and christian” mind

Swallow me with your gayest and raciest desire-
Won’t you light up my chest in bursts
of life and fire.