Every now and then i want to run away
from thorns and cuffs, those who do me wrong
hearts not big enough to contain
wisdom within their precious jars
To have unjustified my rights of becoming,
always becoming,
my destiny to be

In a couple hours
when my soul’s been already simmered
and soft in the slow cooker
I will start to run, but not off of a vacant hunger
but of something more, the colors i know i can bring to the dinner table
a fire that whispers over and melts the metallic candles
a choice i embrace to unleash
a silenced explosion within me.

While knowing there is so much more to vitality,
I don’t keep my head down from a resuscitated possibility
but away from that death sentence
towards a heartfelt regurgitation of a learned lesson
in tasting a little bit of earth on heaven
and a sip of creation-

now won’t you hand over
that Joy on the rocks
and just
leave my tab opened.

©vTai 2012

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