Watts my Romance?

To: Whomever it concerns.

Plug me into an electrical socket
charge me up, link me to the positive pole
far away from that opposite anode.

Electrons do the running
down to the core of my wiring
from less to more
filling vacancy occupied by dried up cells before.

Enough leaking of energy
wrong conductors, drained batteries-

Usher my voltage ninety-nine times higher
With power enough to amp up an entire empire!

Break my circuit during a current overflow
But know how, to jump me when I’m low.

Be harmonic with me
While I run with your frequency
So when we are together
we amplify in physical and electrical chemistry.

Then, on occasion when counts go low
we got nothing to worry.

holds our glow-
in copper wires,
tired bodies and
wounded intimacy.


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