Virgin Marine

I crave
yearn for
what everyone else wants,

Fingers, embrace,
tongue, caress,
eyes, kiss…

We use the same word
but don’t mean the same thing

Romance, a coral reef
different in color, texture, shape and direction
catered to each coral’s own
timing and duration

Defense as necessity
ego-centric, survival of the fittest
among all kinds of sea critters
Making friends with crabs, sea cucumbers, and fish
shunning stingrays and humans

Never know who they are
who I am
until a little too late
after misjudgment and mistakes

But tides rise and fall
then rise again, washing treasures ashore
to surprise
goggled eyes
and sweeten
a sea-salted palate-
numb to new tastes already I thought

Feelings linger
but I know the ocean is big
creatures of all shades, sizes, orientation, and habitat
swim and float with current

If moon’s gravity brings together our tidal flows-
so be it

Until then
I’d like to first discover every coral reef
that washes herself to me
in this Pacific
a modern aquarium
a new bed for
me, the virgin marine


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