is not the appropriate attire
in situation
sticky rice and mochi

honestly accessorized
by those
unable to pick out relevant outfits
for appropriate parties

There is one
line between
dress pants

Needles and pines rolled off of my tongue yesterday
In absence of carelessness

Do you believe me?

in a most recent decision
to attempt
balanced dependency.

reciprocal, complementary
bling and shiny on both ears

You are
diamond ring in rubble
I know this- because
I see
strength and beauty
behind your eyes

Yet, as much as I want to hold and polish
I am unable
in my current garb and hairstyle

I keep promises.

I will stay
suggest additions for your wardrobe

But nothing more; I cannot
be one who
picks out a best suit on your wedding day

Not now

I have got to figure out



  1. deep thoughts, vicky… when i got the notification for this, in the last paragraph, “love” was phrased “platonic selflessness”.. what caused the change? was it different thoughts, or love just fit better?

    1. thank you for your response! at first i used “platonic selflessness” because this poem was written with the concept of a platonic friendship in mind. i wanted to make that distinction clear. But later, i realized that the act of selflessness applies to all forms of love, whether between friends or lovers. for me personally, love that arises out of a genuine friendship weighs as much as romantic love. i decided then that there is no need for a distinction. so i changed the phrase because love is the cornerstone to every kind of healthy and true relationship.

      1. very true. that’s what i figured you were getting at :). it’s funny how in relationships, if they are to work, it always comes back to selflessness and a willingness to put the other person first.

  2. selflessness is important, but i think maintaining a sense of self is key as well. personally, i don’t believe in becoming blind b/c of love nor losing your own identity in any type of relationship. basically this is what the poem is about. don’t get me wrong tho- i am a very passionate person. it’s just that after several mistakes and unpleasant experiences this is what i have come down to.

    but life is good. thank you for your comments, i enjoyed answering your questions:)

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