Muse, and her hair

Your hair- flag waving in air,
colors of you, colors for me

Anchor in recollection, studio
where curiosity, desire await to be recorded

Vintage, priceless record that spins, and
doesn’t stop spinning my head. So I let it be

Scent of lavender, red and yellow, three blended
in one, fruit to juice, an ardent lover

Allure and passion, overflowing fountain,
pouring down a waterfall,

curtaining our lips, braided tongues
swaying gently to rhythm of our thickened breaths.



White sail
covers my eyes, cups my tears
silencing riots on my street
weep in pain, tear in memory
stills, neurotic moments forge wrinkles on my forehead.
Cringing hair pulls against a scalp itching with
embarrassment, contempt, fear, and blues.
In attempt to light my cigarette,
I set myself on fire.

I set myself on fire: yellow, red, blazing orange-
ruptures of pity, rifts of sorrow
waves of monstrosity swallow
without hesitance.
Swimming, I break surface
with pharaoh’s coldness
I hurl
at faces closest.

Now, murder? No longer
empathetic, casual, polite.
Skeptical; dark, ominous smudges of lie
in every eye
Embarrassment, contempt, fear, and blues
I set myself on fire
in attempt to light my cigarette

There is no moral to this story
just thoughts, hopes for sunny tomorrow
fire in my sky
without help of a lighter