Spill Over

a thousand bees in my head
sting my eyes, they are red and puffy
but i have no tear for a waterfall
my well was wring dry

my well was
full of swirls, red to purple
orange to blue,
yellow to green
magical dust sprinkle,
prance above that water

today it is dry
the bottom so dark, can’t even see
cracks on brittle walls
today, so little ambition
in an anxious anticipation

i want to yell out
im angry, sad, unsatisfied
heart lost and full of disdain
for things that once floated
in youth so well

But again,
that was so yesterday

magic is still all around
come, water
fill up that hole
water, flow
against gravity
climb up that wall
cover my skin in gold
in addition to the original rainbow swirls

and i swear i will continue
fill up with water
swirls spill over
make dirt all around me



you hold my palms up with a stick
rubber, plastic, leather, polyester
made for action- swift, crisp, loud and quick
it churns up a glaze, like sweet munchkins
in two beady eyes, gaping at outstretched arms, theirs
held high by cymbals of power
the only music
that needs to be heard in the room
your mouth is tight, your cheeks dont flush
your eyes dont squint, not even when the cymbals

vibrations reach my ears
red and puffy, my hands sting
limbs paralyzed by your posture bent
forward, nose protrudes against
bubble wrap of the little one

Little one closes her eyes

and the room becomes ocean, marble floor the sand
pearls drop gently from eyes crinkled like an oyster
fast, go faster! feet carry a sweet angel
dig deep into soft brown sugar with each step
higher, higher! wings of desire
flap through a dense, blue air
far, far! i want to jump across the sea, then fly
up to waving stars where moon awaits, whistling
ready to duet,
ballads about liking somebody,
two women dancing,
a boy who is a girl,
getting married at a buddhist temple just down the street from
the house i grew up in, and
making love in sunflower fields under an orange blaze

the last crack is numbed, barely noticeable
though red is an understatement.
the stick is back down by the side of your rigid body
and did you know your veins throbbed?
i can see them on your arms
pulsing with authority

Hands tucked back in the pockets of a pair of baggy shorts,
she walks away with a wobbly stride.
under a shivering skin, rhythm of nonchalance and
melodies of defiance ooze out from
a few augmented pores.