red wings

a chick ready to fly
anticipating red feathers
in place of gray, tender hair

somewhere along the path
to flight
it trips on a twig
falls over  nest

red birds nearby
swoop down
try to lift the young fledgling
back up

gravity tugs
on youth
free fall

it lays still
on a patch of green

red feathers all around,
falling from
fluttering and anxious red birds
circling around and around

eyes slowly open
legs shivering, stand up
the chick picks up the red
tucks them in between
developing wings
ready to fly
one more time




















The coffee is a little too cold

even on this warm summer day
but nevermind
I’m still enjoying this, minute by minute
when I sit at a big table
by myself
listen to music overhead
which reminds me of
this other job I had
when I felt like I had found haven
in an endless pit
music played overhead
while I poured drink after drink
for the new, for the regular
for the young
for the divorced father
a self-proclaimed world traveler
a couple
one sad, one lonely
my ex
her roommate

I poured drink after drink
yellow, pink, green, coconut
shake for martini
then strain, don’t forget the olives

It was good time
and the music helped
with my heartache

Thunder Shower














like trees
swaying in typhoon
rain and wind
hint of sorrow
hidden as I trek
through gray clouds

we missed each other today
i feel numb to disappointment
so i open up my umbrella
step into that thunder shower

splatter down from above
drip a thousand tears for me
if only
my eyes could do what you are
tonight, sky


Fancy thinking, imagining
what it would be like if we ran into each other
my heart pounds at the thought of
your touch
i pretend you are in front of me
tilting forward
trying to plant one on my lips
then i tremble
snap back from an unlikely outcome
but still
air squeezed out of me
temperature high
i can still feel the imprint
you left behind

Brown eyes

brown eyes
they speak in languages
words i think i know
or maybe not, i’m not sure
but you speak with passion
your speech is humble
your words rock me like a baby
your voice tucks me in
your eyebrow raises when you talk
i find myself mesmerized by that movement
how do you do that?
how did you capture my imagination
your eyes meet mine
and i don’t dare to blink
don’t want to lose connection
because every second feels like
nicotine for this smoker
who is trying to quit


is plugged in
first time this year
whoosh, whoosh
like a breeze
just like those
sweaty summer days
when fans were on
day and night
it was hot
over there
and i had time
to dream
day and night-
whoosh, whoosh


What color is the sky?
Wind, speak to me.
Whisper gently and rain down
what is true on me.
Cover my eyes, cup those dew drops
down both cheeks, streaming a
puddle reflecting the sun, moon, and stars.
Wind, let yourself roar
so I can hear
you across the pacific and more.
Shake the atmosphere like quakes on earth
with echoes that ring like the
brightest bell you could find
in the deepest wave of an ocean.
Twist and blow
into an altitude
no other has been before.
Set free,
rid yourself of
dust and dirt that weigh you down.
Stake that cloud,
claim that star.
Breeze through
that north pole light,
remember every hue and vibrance
of the spectrum
while you soar
through shadows and highlights.

Wind, carry me.
I want to discover colors of our sky.