What color is the sky?
Wind, speak to me.
Whisper gently and rain down
what is true on me.
Cover my eyes, cup those dew drops
down both cheeks, streaming a
puddle reflecting the sun, moon, and stars.
Wind, let yourself roar
so I can hear
you across the pacific and more.
Shake the atmosphere like quakes on earth
with echoes that ring like the
brightest bell you could find
in the deepest wave of an ocean.
Twist and blow
into an altitude
no other has been before.
Set free,
rid yourself of
dust and dirt that weigh you down.
Stake that cloud,
claim that star.
Breeze through
that north pole light,
remember every hue and vibrance
of the spectrum
while you soar
through shadows and highlights.

Wind, carry me.
I want to discover colors of our sky.


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