thinking bout u

i loved you the first day
and love you today
there’s not much to say
cept your words like rain
linger in air long after
we wave our goodbyes
and time flows by
like clouds up high

i cant bend time
nor space

im glad to have arrived on this land
and become acquainted
with your terrain
it no longer feels so distant
it no longer feels blank

and i fill these gaps with words
my words like rain
drip, splatter each page

and i fill my longings
with imagination
in my mind, i see a sunny day
we walk down the street together

and i feel your breath
while you feel my mind
and its one of those moments when
we become free of the world’s grasp
and expectations to become
this and that


get it

get it together
id like to get it together
get it together, together. thats what they say
they say get it together
im not ready yet
they said get it, get it together
another day, another dollar
lets carry each other on, push one another
i dont want to push, not myself
or anybody else for the matter
they say get it together
and i am trying to negotiate these voices
separating one from the other
negative from positive
but sometimes the positive dont work for me either
get it together
get it together
just get it together
get it, get it together
reach high, and even higher
you can do it, they say
get it, the highest point, the highest number
im stuck in the liminal
my body proves to be a pivotal
part of the systematic transnational
traveling of goods and business
where money flows, we go
and i cant shake it out of my head
i dont want it, but i want it
i want success, its not at all difficult
to admit it
do i feel ashamed
do i feel embarrassed
do i feel driven
do i feel motivated
at the end of the day
all i want to do is to walk my puppy
play ball with her
play catch together
“get it, get it, go get it”
these words echo in the park under the sun
and you know what, playing ball with her proves to be more than just fun.




When night tucks me in
i feel a nudge on my cheek
covering comfort
gentle sleep in to my ears
and it feels like
a dance
still, with little movement
but still
a dance
where you and i hum
tunes in lullaby
deep and complex
folds of comfort
against tip of my chin
and i feel as if
im about to fly
from here
to home
where i deeply belong
where my heart lies
where i whistle without worry
with just the wind and trees for company
inside a lost world lies a safe haven
for my breath to stand
and claim dreams as my own