calm like coffee

last night i had whiskey again
burn rolls down my throat
glass after glass
i pour my soul to ecstasy
height of tears
depth of cheer
i felt numb

imagining an alternative
what could i be doing on a sunday night?
there really was no where i’d be
no other i’d like to see

no nostalgia, no regret
only us, the night ahead

in the morning
i woke up indifferent

last night
like the ocean i rippled
like the waves i whirled

this morning, my heart is still
calm like coffee
in my teeth


little bit

tell me a little
a little about yourself
a little about your dreams
a little about your past

i’ll tell you a bit
a bit about my childhood
a bit about my memories
a bit about my hope for

the near future
hopefully with you

in my dream
my arms were around your waist
our bodies touched
a little bit


poems used to be on paper
and now i type them up
my first poem was with a computer
my latest poem typed

i miss home
so much
random ramblings
take my mind off of it

coffee was good
the sun is out
this morning
what a rare beauty
feels so good on my cheeks
i had forgotten what you feel like
in Chicago
winter time

I can’t stay here
and my body knows
my Chicago days, ending
and my mind, grown

i won’t look back when i turn
when i turn away i won’t look
it’s time
to leave some things behind

goodbye is never easy
although i’ve done it a thousand times
someday, somewhere we will see each other
but this time
i want to add:
if it was meant to be
we will meet
good people, good city
good times, good, just fine


Drown my ache
Its been so many years with you
but still, you are the best listener
best friend
and conversation
like the pacific
drown my gloom
swirls of love
take me into your arms
swirls of hope
take me out of this pit
i feel better already
it gives me perspective
that alcohol
the big things seem smaller
small things feel important
and you and i
feel eternal around this table


do you see the moon
that i see
do you hear the same chimes
i hear
stars up high
windchimes in the air

do u feel the breeze i feel
going thru my hair
do you stare at the sky like i do
embrace the night?
me too

across a thousand oceans
across a hundred seas
across ten mountains
it’s you i see
it’s you i feel


take me down a path
where green moss walks along the cement
and beyond what i see
i feel the swaying of leaves
and breeze

show me a side of town
i have not seen
life, for what it is
i have not seen

i have not seen enough
and i need to remember

perceptions are limited
something not in sight
still sings

like lily and water
full of life
full of green

take me for a swing
i’ll show you that i can sing
take me for a dip
i’ll show you that i swim

beyond what i see
i feel the swaying of leaves
and breeze


rise like the sun
steady, small steps
from night to day
i expect change

a new horizon
where water meets sand
swish, wash

habits, wires in brain
i pray

but i dont pray

i see the sun
shine on brick walls
in a city so cold

change manifested
in swift
swaps of temperature

new thoughts
new beginnings
old habits
old memories
subtle distillation
essentials out of
all that is available