an excerpt

dont hide behind words
as if they spell out logic only the preferred ones understand
say what you mean, please
mean what you say.
some people get to choose who they want to be
how they want to breathe
who they are to begin
and where they are to end
others do not
so stop being a saint
and just be content
be common first
and then you will learn what everything looks like
from the bottom up
we know things
you may not understand

but please, you are invited
lets sit and sip tea


Nassau 6

Water splash
trees sing
colors dash
the air brings..

..salt to my nose
moisture, skin
flowers pose
next to cruise ships

dolphins squeak
turtles sit
birds speak
and fish knit..

..themselves together
whirling web
good weather
and my toes step

Nassau 5

The sun has set
sky, gray
cloudless. a plane
above the pool
hot has turned cool
breeze through wet hair
and sand, somewhere,
some corner of my body
particles, signal entropy

Chicago is 1 degree Farenheit
yet I feel fine
anticipate my return
I didn’t realize

I had made a lover home
her arms, warmth
like a sunny day
scorch my back
bake my mind
blaze, as if
for entire eternities

Nassau 4

Green, yellow, pink
stripes, solid, sleek
maroon, blue, cement
tan fallen leaves

this courtyard full of of colors
and textures
rough branches
green palm
fruit, above

I’m wondering about
those blossoms on the ground

seeds, locally grown,
or imported to please the foreign crowd?

Pretty, though

Nassau 3

Sway to the beat
Thru humid heat
Leaves so green
Seen from this seat

Sunshine lit
Waters drip
Swaying leaves
And divers dip

Clear sky blue
Cloudless cool
Wordless ponders
Me and you

Many thoughts
Just tuck away
a few more bites
Of clear and blue

Nassau 2

I made the coffee too strong
It smells good though
When your mind is still
Your taste soars
Lke gliding seagulls
Tumbling waves
Roaring waters
Welcoming you to a new day
I needed to get away, Chicago
My blood is warm
Breath, humid
Body, tropical
Home, Tainan, Taiwan

I find myself thawing-
On the Windy City

Nassau, The Bahamas

Last night the air
smelled like fish. I loved
how much it reminded me
of the Philippines
warm breeze
through opened window
People strolling
instead of pacing
On my way to the hotel
a glimpse of local
amidst foreign investment
It makes my heart bleed-
colonial legacies, black and white.
But the warm, humid air
also makes my heart sing