Coffee in one, and pen in the other
I’m taking my time, to write you an offer
one of love, one of peace
I want to write, adorn these words with multiple colors

I am not going to lie, what I’m saying is true
You came out of nowhere, everywhere, out of the blue
For a few seconds, I thought you looked cute
Soon after, hours of contemplation: possibilities of me and you

Some race against time, arrhythmia embedded in a rocky lifeline
I’ve been there before, the fast lane and an anxious ride
but now slow and steady, your words rock me
I’d like to have you, like how some say for “more than a lifetime”

what I mean is a spiritual encounter
before you, I no longer was empowered
by love or chemistry. I had convinced myself
all I needed was work and to survive another hour

Before you, a quote from my previous poem:
“now i try not to think too much
but that also means i have less to say
in my poems
that could just be random rambling
if i look at it that way”

you are more than I ever expected
lifted me up, gave me a new perspective
Even amidst days that would be more than hectic
I want you to know, you on my mind every ticking second.

You light up my days, blaze through my nights
I replay these images, lingering thoughts of you in mind
I’m thinking: you could be a home away from home.
Then I shiver. I can’t wait for you to hold me tight.


Like a top, spiraling
Water down a drain
Not to end, but to begin
New journeys, towards the sea
Whirling, like a top, spinning,
Like bottles when young ones play
That game
To kiss, on impulse
Drunken love
Still love.
Whether beer or whiskey
Wine or spirits
Spirits high
Like clouds. Floating
No limitations tonight
At least thats what it feels like


You fill my thoughts at night.
First to pop to mind
when I wake up a dark sky
to plan a trip for sunrise.

You were unexpected.
Swift. You got me connected.
Smooth. Magnetic.
Nothing forced, obligated.

Can we chill
Are you good
What you think
I think we could.

Day at a time
Time spent behind
Closed doors.
Close it, right.


I work best in the morning
inspiration all around me
natural light fall, down lightly
7am, I am more than ready.
begin today, first step is telling
begin a trip, stride shows clarity
every direction, I know where I’m going
unfamiliar corners, I won’t be avoiding.
I won’t stop asking
for physical sensory
I want upward mobility
new heights of understanding.
learning dew on leaves, vines weave
cats chill, in all that green.
I’m settled, yet I desire
I’m content, yet there’s fire.
I’m going to grow
old like the nighborhood tree
more than just being comfortable
more than just easy, you see?

I am enough
but I am more.
ardour, for the sun shining
zeal, for the early morning.


I hear birds sing, everywhere!
welcoming me this morning
woke me up from sleep
led me out the door
asked me to pause
I stretch out my arms

Deep breathe
and I smell fresh morning
hint of water
wood and flower
moss and mushroom
texture and color

No plan, no expectation
my home, my town
my blues, my muse