24 Hours- Part I

You told me I looked high
I probably was. However, dry
that morning my heart soared thru ecstasy
mind calm tho, like a trip down LSD
yesterday, when I landed in Chicago
thoughts of you with me in the cold
stiff in my seat, a pink hue in sky
What a welcome, nothing warmer than a sunrise
I got off the train
heart pounding in chest, but cool maintained
After working a thousand piece puzzle
finally, a possibility to physically cuddle
a patiently anticipated design
imagining fingers down contours, definitive outlines
no longer only available online
long distance longings, short texting, video chats live
good while apart, but wasn’t meant for forever
I do confess, I almost don’t remember
what you look or smell like, it’s been a while
since we were last together
in subtle corners inside your apartment
my memories need to refresh, hit the restart button
I needed to see you
touch, taste, feel you
what is it about you that I anticipate
one more weekend, after our last escapade
we get twenty four hours
let’s use it well,
I’m exploring, what you have over me
so addictive, overpowering.
the next day
you told me I looked high
I wanted to say
it began when I saw a pink sky.


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