24 hours- Part II

Taking a moment to slow it down
memories flood, flash back, vision and sound
24 with you, arms of a clock make two rounds
always precious, time a golden crown
i wear on my head, only take it down
for those who don’t deserve my frown

and those 24 hours with you
i remember every detail, clear like
a cloudless sky, what magestic sight
when birds fly, mouths sigh
because this winter was cold
as usual, never gets old
a relief from frozen rivers
slush, muddy ice
slippery slide
soil, young sprouts
spring is tight

your body, warm next to mine
comforting tides
of tender loving by my side
a reunion- that particular night
i returned home
away from home
your skin, color and texture
different from mine
fingers lace, we intertwine
two different worlds come together
for a celebration, of
precious twenty four hours
spirits drank and spirits soared
taut sails, headed for sunrise
after a passionate ride, all night
moans and cries
muffled sounds of
feeling nice
tender loving
for you inside

morning coffee
pancakes and omlettes
our eyes meet, during
several quiet moments
a full conversation
cuz i read body language
like a doctoral dissertation
and the way you move
tells me you enjoy
us being together
24 hours, stolen minutes
silent speeches
don’t wake the tenants
when we taste each other
mangos and peaches

Time to leave, time to breathe
each on our own, temporarily
see you soon
away from home
I should say it now
before you go
I never had to
give up my heart
it was yours
from the very start


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