i want to

write together
create together
listen to music together
stay up late
or go to bed early
support, stay strong together
improve together
enjoy nature
the sun
cali together
be healthy
eat healthy
challenge each other
take care of each other

ill be there
when you down
ill be there
when you win
ill be there
to hold your stuff when you do nails
or just sit next to you, you dont have a lot of stuff
i might even get a pedicure
clear polish only, please

will you be there too? i want you to



I dont want to let go
this love and connection
one in a million
what a rare find, too precious to deny
after my confession, all I wanted to do was to hold your hand
and tell you
even though its hard, Im going to come through
you are worth fighting for, I want to walk through this door
I may not know how to turn the knob
but the key is in your hand
hold me while my heart throbs
both pain and joy
joy for the most part, trust
but be there with me when I hurt
you never hurt me
its just the situation sticky
and i dont know how to navigate
through this long winding, bumpy road
all i know is that you are too precious to lose
I am going to have feelings about things
but please, I want to stick through
with nobody but you
like I said
you are worth fighting for
a precious gem
one in a million
what a rare find
too precious to deny


I have five minutes
to write a song
for pece of mind
dedicated to the sun

you come through
after days of gray
shine so bright
hurt my eyes

but i like it
when you touch my face
caress my back
tug at my arms

im always grateful
for your consistency
whenever your here
my worries fall away
and I just sit and enjoy


One step at a time
One foot through the door
One goal to keep in mind
One run at a time
One courage unfolds
One basket at a time
One point, a free throw
Two points to follow through
Two doors to pick from
Two seconds to decide
Two eyes staring
Two sided brain ticking
Two, one left
Two legs, a big stride
Two ears high, alert
Three steps, I fly
Three is a good number
Three I want in my life
Three people to call friends
Three to trust, time well-spent
Three is a finale
Three pages to a good ending
Three mistakes before a good landing
Three will guide me,
put this ball in the basket

Mixed Drink

dark inside this room
turn the lights on, fight this gloom
my body weak, my limbs limp
mix it up, mix this drink
my mind, my body
spirit, psyche
on the rocks, life on the rocks
mixing my lows with some ice
cool down, chill out
breathe in, breathe out
mixing my frown, upside down
no pressure, just relax
let it go, let it flow
this oneon the house
mix that limp with status of a king
mix that gray with a dash of grin
crush some ice, chill, dont trip
back to the grind
turn back, rewind
work is work, times up, cool down
fix this drink, mix it well
life on the rocks,
chase it with patience
tender loving, hard grinding
keep going
head up, head out
keep going


rainy day
my heart sank
carpe diem
seize the day
i am grateful
for time spent
flew high
then a rough bend
truth hurts
ive always known
gather courage
soldier on
lesson learned
for the better
blue inside
rainy weather
i feel alone
slow burning
the moon will come out
soon shining
let the burn slide
down my throat
let the night sky
cut these cords
cords that chain
chords that sang
bluesy notes
hit this pain
slow burning
slowly burn
feelings feel
feeling low
come soon
stars and moon
lets talk
about better moods