Mixed Drink

dark inside this room
turn the lights on, fight this gloom
my body weak, my limbs limp
mix it up, mix this drink
my mind, my body
spirit, psyche
on the rocks, life on the rocks
mixing my lows with some ice
cool down, chill out
breathe in, breathe out
mixing my frown, upside down
no pressure, just relax
let it go, let it flow
this oneon the house
mix that limp with status of a king
mix that gray with a dash of grin
crush some ice, chill, dont trip
back to the grind
turn back, rewind
work is work, times up, cool down
fix this drink, mix it well
life on the rocks,
chase it with patience
tender loving, hard grinding
keep going
head up, head out
keep going



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