rain due
fog smooth
wet dew
gray cool
chilly breeze
wet cement
i repent
an earlier rant
of hardships
gather strength
show courage
im brave
i came here
solo plane
no accolade
but self worth
is my definition
i need to love
need to respect
my heart my body
my soul my spirit
forgive those
who hurt
forgive those
power works
in delicate ways
enpowerment works
in intricate ways

Foreign Fish

When will I stop feeling foreign
When will it stop
When my head spins
My breath stops
What is it that makes comfort comfortable
What makes confidence confident
I play this game
And my head talks me down
I play this game
And my eyes look at the ground
I play this game
I love so much
Yet wherever I go
In a deep sea
I feel lost
The only yellow fish
Swim, and
I float farther from home
I float away from that island
I float away from passion
I float away, I’m not drowning
But my lungs filled with water
My fingers burnt
By memories that still hurt
Memories that remind me everyday I’m foreign
Memories that remind me I’m insignificant
I’m too grown, too experienced
To be stuck in the past
To lament in what’s passed
To drown in my own thoughts
Yet these pieces surface
While my face remains underwater
Still struggling for air
Dear Spirit
Lift me up
Stay with me as I learn
be kind to me
Run with me
Unwind with me
Be with me as I let go
Be with me as I grow
I accept life and fate as a foreigner
Time me while I swim the extra mile

Last night

You tell me not to turn on the lights
I turn the door knob, not knowing what to say
but to drive safe
Eyes forward, you step out the door
I hesitate, then grab your arm, pull towards me
“I was about to say, if you don’t make the first move…”
Hands around your waist. Lean against the door frame
Arms around my neck. Your face inch close
Good smells
Our noses touch. I tilt my head
My lips slow, gentle, find yours in the dark
when was the last time we did this
I missed you
Slow, gentle
Lips linger
heart beats faster
breath thickens
my arms around you tighter
fingers grab my hair
bite my lip
and i, you
you kiss me like
you desire
you want
brings me back to that first night
when you found my lips in the dark


Some people want to get caught up in a storm
I just want my ocean still
Waves up and down but in subtle syncopation
Sunshine glistens on the surface
Marine life breathes, and bubbles pop thru that tension between water and air
Seaweed floates
To nowhere, but everywhere
Always drifting, perhaps in attempt to reach the horizon which continuously expands as the green journeys
To nowhere, but everywhere


when running
my mind is clear
occupied by trees, grass, birds
sun on my skin
pup by my feet
legs ripple, arms pump
focused, sharp
gliding through humid air
sun reflects off all things green
gray cement
coupled with specks of
red and brown
soil from the earth
vision from the sky
and i feel fine.
good every time