U put a spell on me
colors flow out from the tip of your wand
green and purple, flashing lights
in a dark room
goosebumps and chills
my heart is pumping, body still
you come close
and i hold my breath
dont know how this magic
is able to whisk me away
up high to cloud nine
ur potion works
blood flush up my shy cheeks
and I wanted to speak
let you know what I was feeling
when you cast that spell
with your wand, from your mouth
to my throat
tongue in, tongues twist
but, your potion
turn my words into action
instead, our lips lock
teeth grind, breath hot
tangled in a cauldron
bubbles boil, glowing red pot
you stop
my arms drop
mist in your eyes
a throb between my thighs
I pick up my phone to text
“I love you”
it was the right moment
right before I leave
this magical hut
I wanted you to know
even tho
i couldnt articulate
my blood boils and circulates
for you and your venom
my heart is a payment
for your spell
that brought me to heights ive never reached
depth ive never seeked
fervor ive never heard of
passion textbooks dont teach
a love that pastors dont preach
vibes that put our souls at ease
bridging two hearts, and im pleased
to feel this enchanting encounter.

times up. i need to leave
with your arms around me
you say, “I love you too”.
i smile. nothing is better
than this charm from her


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