Tired to the point im angry
angry to the point im hungry
hungry to the point im numb
numb to the point im fine
because at some point the feelings dont feel real
at that point you realize how to deal
with unpleasant people and spaces
places where you find your spirit
that spirit holds on
to a loose string that connects you to a furnace
a furnace so hot everything melts
your pain, aches, failed dreams fade away
whats left is that glow
so orange to the point it hurts your eyeballs
so bright you lose sight but find vision
whats left is a fighting spirit
spirit so high to the point
you find it impossible to bend and break
down and cry
not saying crying is bad
but when you feel like crying but eyes dry
you know youve been there before
spirit is stronger than you know
hand wipes eye anyway, though
probably just out of habit, ritual


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