Last night

You tell me not to turn on the lights
I turn the door knob, not knowing what to say
but to drive safe
Eyes forward, you step out the door
I hesitate, then grab your arm, pull towards me
“I was about to say, if you don’t make the first move…”
Hands around your waist. Lean against the door frame
Arms around my neck. Your face inch close
Good smells
Our noses touch. I tilt my head
My lips slow, gentle, find yours in the dark
when was the last time we did this
I missed you
Slow, gentle
Lips linger
heart beats faster
breath thickens
my arms around you tighter
fingers grab my hair
bite my lip
and i, you
you kiss me like
you desire
you want
brings me back to that first night
when you found my lips in the dark


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