My whole heart is yours
nothing even matters
at all
you are the sweetest thing
when you lay in my bed
and hold me so gentle
like im a precious song
you’ll always know
herb lit, smoke rise
red tip, glow in the night
im at ease, singing to please
my queen
your eyes low
gaze slow
breathe easy
the night is yours
i want whatever you want
to do whatever you choose
we could be lovers
i dont want to be friends
you inch closer
our noses touch
pause, before our lips brush
up against each other
my teeth go for your bottom lip
a gentle bite, a tender surprise
what should we do tonight?
if i could rewind. buy back time
i would say
lets just stay in
chill, smoke
get drunk off of love
get high off of love
i thought those two lines were cliche
until i met you
now i know why people say
“i. love you.”


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