Caught in a chasm
A steady tone now see a fissure
I thought I had them
down. patterns, emotions and behavior
A left hook from nowhere
left her spirit in despair
caught in a chasm
split, in between positions
speaking of positions
Im in a place of unknown
I made up my mind, decisions
when I started to walk
along a complicated situation
I just want her to be ok
Think I know her world, now upside down
I just want her to be ok
Might know her world, but where is that crown
she deserves, she is worth it
I just need her to know this
white light refracts through a prism
seven colors, optical element
A rainbow out of nothing
An ocean from imagination
Blue waves, and blue skies
breathe, you will be alright
I’m here for you
I can be your anchor
Please take good care
But if you need me
I’m here.


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