Why does it take pain for words to flow out
when the tears dry, what comes next
words, words, words, and text
when you lose
these lines and stanzas stay straight
guide you in a direction that is
away from hate
i have no anger
i have no regret
what i have are words
words, words, words, and text
my muse
just typing that makes
my eyes swell up
i thought those tears were dry
my bug
a while ago, i made the decision
to walk this dangerous line
i fell, i guess i expected it
whatever is left
should cushion my fall
but what, is left
im picking myself up from the fall
like i always have
from everything, to nothing
i guess you’re in the same boat,
with another person, though.
you’re devastated
i’m devastated
two different relationships
two different minds
two different pain
two different lives
im almost afraid to stop writing
im afraid to get back to my world
we were still getting closer
i was still growing fonder
of you
that’s why it hurts so bad
ripped from my heart
ripped from my heart
i dont think this feeling is shared
you have your own life to live
i wish you well
i want you to be happy
i want to be happy too
i grew up with a lot of pain
im only 25
but i’ve witnessed, experienced
fell, and got back up again
it’s time to end this poem
it’s time to stop writing, for now
words, words, words, and text
take me to the next
peace, tranquility
stability, strength
i welcome pain, so i can grow
but now its time, to let things go
peace, tranquility
stability, strength
words, words
words, and text


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