waiting for doors to open at work
finding comfort in routine
sun blazes on my skin
much needed, an alternative
to the dark corners of my room
ive been beat down
picked up a scowl
on my face
its not the first time
nor will it be the last
solace, faith in my strength
tenacious, ive always been this way
started when i crossed the ocean alone
to build a life on my own
with only my shoulders
for my head to lean on
seems like an awkward position
but the result is not imagination
hard work thru hard times
im not unfamiliar
ive walked thru and survived
to become who im destined to be
what are my strengths
one of them, i would say,
is my fight
im not physical
im soft
but there is an enternity in tenderness
an ocean in gentleness
my ability to swim is no joke
everytime im drowned
i swim back up
break surface
to breathe
and that air
fresh, nurturing air
will take me to places i need to be


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