This poem is for you

This poem is for you
As you’re about to start first day of school
You say it’s bittersweet
At least what’s constant is this summer heat
for now, before fall hits
for now, before September slips
out of our hands
soon the leaves will start to dance
drift, from trees
float, down towards our feet
I want you to reach
I want you to succeed
I want your dreams to come true
I, truly, wants what is best for you
Trials and tribulations
Pain in your eyes, hurt in your motions
Numbness in your daze, tear marks on your face
I’m doing my best
All these questions I ask
I don’t mean to push you away
I wanted to find out if you’re okay
This struggle, is hard for me
but I’m not about to give up on you
I’m glad it’s first day of school
New routines in your life should be good
The sun keeps blazing
another hot day for me in the kitchen
I’m adjusting to this transition
while summer dreams dissipate into anticipation
for a drop in temperature, a breeze to pick up
sweaters out of the closet, pants unfolded, suit up
I’ve run out of words
but, good luck
first day of school
I look forward to hearing about it
I hope your kids bring warmth and smiles
I hope your day swings up not down
I’ve run out of words,
but, enjoy yourself
and take care of yourself
you’re precious
to a lot of people
myself included


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