basketball means so much to me
it took me out of a small, rural town
when im down, when i frown
it remains a constant
something so important in my forever shifting days
i defied all odds
everyone told me i could not be good
everyone. my family, my high school teachers, my friends
it carried me through
at some point i began to lose confidence
after overcoming so much barrier
i question my own competance
but it does not undermine the significance
of my forever constant
something that will forever exist in my life
i dont know if i would still call it passion
because ive grown to realize other extremely important things in life
but it is my love
my mentor
my teacher
my first milestone
my first heartbreak
my one and only
it is love
and it will carry me through
no matter how much i struggle
no matter how tired i become
it will. and it is.


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