Dont Slip

everyday, just trying to survive
living another day, living a foreign life
stuck in the liminal, stuck in a strife
giving, giving, then so simply tossed aside
day in and day out i grind
mentally, emotionally, people dont realize
life of a migrant, a life full of pride
filled with accomplishment, yet so much died
when i left home, comfort was ripped from my heart
what i knew of, what i knew of life
became irrevalent when now i have to abide
to new rules, new language, new people in a foreign city
i adapt and i change, never enough to fit in
i am not one of them, i never will be
it is so tempting to leave and say goodbye
go back to a land that knows me, one where my heart lies
life of a migrant, full of dilemmas and questions
i left home and family behind
for what? a better future?
it is from a great set of privileges that i am able to ask that
my country is not war-torn, at least i can just fly
home and still be able to see my family
enough crying, enough tears
this pain will never disappear
but im gonna turn off the faucet, turn off my fears
i did the unimagineable, when i left home: now 7 years
i have moved every year in the past 11 years
comfort to me is subjective
what i think im losing, will be found
i choose to believe because it is what i need
to survive another day
in this foreign atmosphere
i cant go home
ive come too far just to rely on my comfort zone
i need to succeed. my familys dreams rest upon my
aching back
i will succeed, i have to, theres no turning back.
comfort is subjective. Vic, you gotta rember that.
self respect and self worth
dont slip now, theres so much to discover


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