today i bought u a gift
it was small, yet nontheless a gift
i thought it was fitting, and im sure it is
one of ur favorite smells, incense sticks
my thoughts went like this
since ull be cleaning and moving things around
a comforting smell should be able to help
i thought you would appreciate it
i thought you would be pleasantly surprised
i thought, i thought
and then we argued
heated, emotions running wild
frustration, frowns and furrowed brows
u hop in the car said u dont want to talk
the gift was already in my car, one which i gave much thought
i grabbed it bc i wanted you to have it
despite our conflict, i still wanted u to have it
a sense of comfort, a note to tell you that im still here
a gentle reminder, that i still care
yet u rolled up ur window
said u didnt want it
i stood there with the small gift
fingers wrapped around my gift
for you
you said u didnt want it
barely looked at it
my thoughts and effort invisible
as you drove away, left me in the dust
still i let you know that im still here
texted you, showing that i care
then you tell me you dont want it
dont want me and you
not to mention that gift for you
am i a fool
or am i just too naive to
just realize that im all too disposable
thinking back on when we first started
you convinced me, i thought you were it
you were what i was looking for
i didnt want to look anymore
am i a fool
still holding on to this gift that was meant for u
u told me u dont want it
i guess thats it. everytime you want to leave
i try so hard to change ur mind
this time i realize
i dont want to be disposable anymore
giving, giving, then simply tossed aside
i supported u through one of the hardest times of your life
i spoke up tonight, because i needed to speak my mind
u told me ur glad i expressed
yet look at where i land
just alone in my bed
am i a fool or what
so much thought put into that little gift
that u did not want


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