blue moon, dark sky
6pm, words i write
hopeful, longevity
hopeful, positivity
wishes, goals
a couple of which, attainable
self-doubt, then quiet mind
busy lives, make time
revisit, dreams and wishes
like when we were younger
but with a wiser disposition
aim higher, aim smarter
choose wisely, but its ok if you’re wrong
all this to say
im tired from the day
but ill take care of myself
like i have since grade eight
self reliance
ive learned the hard way
ive come a long way



Capable of taking care of other people
Too capable, too persistent, too gentle
When the rest of the world tries to be hard
I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to build this wall up
because what is intimacy when gaps and barriers bridge you
fires stay lit, only because these vacancies exist
empty words seal this envelope addressed to commitment
empty eyes conceal longings for truth and what’s real
tell me, look in to me, tell me what you see
do you see a child or an adult
Take me seriously
For real.


another day another dollar
i want to climb up this long ass ladder
but before i get to the top
i have to accept this low spot
corporate america, i want to laugh
when did my life choices become
controlled by these opportunities im supposed to grasp.
well, enough jokes now
gotta get back to the grind
just paid rent
and i need to buy some liquor
later when i get off work
to celebrate
and to stay focused
life. and work.


When you start to question why you get homesick for home
you know you’ve reached over that hump called nostalgia
you see things for what they are now, people for who they are
family for what it is, comfort that comes along with baggage
took me seven years to get here, seven years to realize
nostalgia is a friend
it also hides truth from your weeping eyes
while crying for home
i think of longings i get whenever im home
and i know that i cant stay there for long
because those longings are real
dangerous, if i sit there for too long
not wanting to make that first step
away from good memories, seemingly loving families
So, does this mean i have grown?
Am i capable of surviving in a foreign land on my own?
hold up, this foreign land is no longer foreign
i have been here seven years, after all.