Bang: Thoughts After Orlando

A couple thoughts

1. While we focus on the Orlando shooting, we cannot forget violence that goes on daily. The Orlando shooting has been getting a lot of media attention, but what about other innocent lives taken away on a daily basis, violence perpetrated by our own government(s), in “modern” America and in history? Institutional violence is just as deadly as a mass shooter.

2. Please do not make generalizations about a diverse group of people based on the shooter’s identities.

3. While trying to get news updates, I keep running into instances of political candidates taking advantage of this tragedy through attempts to gain more support for their platforms. This game never stops.

4. I’m fighting feelings of fear, self-loath, incompetence, anxiety, isolation… exacerbated by this event. But honestly, I’ve been doing this everyday. We all have shown strength.

5. Need to get off work to chill, eat good food, drink, and do what i do everyday.


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