My Dear

Dear Vic,

You are enough.
An over achiever, you’ve done enough
You go after what you want to get it
And after 100 percent, you get it
You are surviving, but you already survived
I can’t stress enough, even through this redundant phrasing
At 25 you have made major strides
At 25 you already strive for peace of mind
Like a piece of steak sitting in brown marinade
Rare, how some people like it
Too little of it create big craves
Too much of it can bring aches for days
I know what you’ve been through
I know, I know
You did all you could have done
to add a sweet touch to an infinite daze
An unreal reality where you exist in an open vacuum
Isolation and loneliness are common household names
with a home address somewhere in between Tainan and Chicago
A cabin located between pineapple fields and a blue mailbox
A liking for authentic love that brings you struggle
I know, I know.
Dear Vic
Don’t give up
Better tomorrows are bound to come
Till then, bury your head in sand
Grind one hundred until you find
Your very own peace of mind.


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