Bathroom Musings 2

Sitting on the toilet
Thinking about yesterday
In the morning I was sad
lamenting the loss of friendships

My mood quickly swerved for a U-turn
Pressed on the pedal, its time to play ball
Hit the breaks hard, got ready to score
windows rolled down, “yup, that was a good call”

Left the gym with spirits high
thinking yes, we can dominate
hoping the floor would be better next week
no stopping us then, tell that crowd “calmate!”

how fast our perceptions can change
we always live in multiple realities
well, think im finished on the toilet
wipe it up, impurities

Theres no conclusion to this poem
just thoughts while alone in the bathroom
i hope i can see things on lighter notes
as if im about to be on the court soon,
like im about to play ball.


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