liquor still
waiting for friends to come through
piece of lime on that edge
nothing compares, to drawing me and you

Chill, Still
Ink dripping
colors splash and
line up that stiff white paper

Dont need no pill
we chill, and we killing
this freestyle on that paper

clocks tic and tock
time flies when we rock
when we chill we kill
vibes and feel thrills

flow with creativity
commonalities in our entity
Like hippies we love trees
but more like scientist
its all about that chemistry

Hydrogen and Oxygen
Ink is like water
and flow is what we desire
Create ripples out of still water

Tequila and lime
ice and a smile
tingles down my throat
was that my drink or was it you

“you put on the show”
im talking about your fingers
wrapped around that marker
in and out
lines on that paper

Trying to contain myself
thinking is this moment really good for my health
I need life support
you leave me breathless
and after a night of this
you leave me restless


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