“My Pho” from Green Apple Phoever (105 W. Madison Chicago, IL)

I’ve become dependent
on this new pho place
close to my job
where i am surrounded by people
who walk around with a sense of superiority
everyday i lower my head
extend my fingers
and type on
perhaps my wpm, quick as a vicious cat
can make these mousy people disappear
but when i raise my head again they are still there
let me just type on, drag it out till 1:45

clock strikes, 45
i grab my stuff faster than my wpm
avoid eye contact with anyone
dont ask me where im going
dont ask me what im eating
well, maybe i’ll tell you if you can win this race
see who can zooom out the building faster

mental and spiritual unwinding
in the basement of a governmental looking building
this little pho stand
waves at me
and im at peace
give me like
45 mins
white bowl white spoon
brown broth brown meat
green leaves green lime
noodles under bean sprouts
take me away from here
for 45 mins
open heavenly gates
and make me feel free
for 45 minutes

Im phoever grateful


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