Before they even touch, I thought about how it would feel if
I brushed them against yours
So gently that I actually cannot be sure if you feel them. But the proximity of my face to yours, yours to mine
sets our chests ablaze. Our minds swivel like a broken compass- its arrow spins, spinning, spins without any intention to stop.
Our breaths warm like ocean water in temperate climate. Almost in rhythm, but slightly off beat as a reminder of the effort put forth from each radio device to connect. Two distinct wavelengths searching for a common frequency- slightly off beat, but in syncopation.
Then, like a gust of wind that inspires the waves to roll, the ship rocks with the swell and tilts.
They touch, and I make sure I breathe in slightly so I may swim in your scent…Not counting seconds, but, we linger.
My fingers begin to travel in search for a place to stay. The exploration is unplanned yet delicately purposeful. Terrain included in their voyage will remain unscathed, but with each step the host quivers to signal direction.
So…Do I turn right here? Should I keep going? A little slower? A little here, a little there?
Our lips part with hesitation. Like a cold beat with heavy bass and delayed notes that complete a swing so groovy your ears scream with pleasure.
Breathe out… Our minds implode like flashing signals upon dark waters and code meant for only each other to understand.
I look into your eyes for response and after a few seconds you replied without words:

“Come back.”


A thousand goodbyes

When you feel their sadness
unspoken words
lingering thoughts
And decide to cut conversations short
to catch the train.

When you see their puffy eyes
blushed cheeks
Just to step out the car
Turn away from them
Don’t look back.

When you hear them ramble about
something, anything
to avoid talking about, you.
To pass up time
before your departure

When they ask you
Are you packed?
Did you get everything you needed?
Are you sure?
But not the question, “When are you coming back?”

You put up a front,
walk away.
so you can cry on the train,
out of sight.

I have said it
a thousand times.
And it never gets easier.
Leaving behind
comfort, familiarity, safety
stepping away from
repetition, complacency, a stagnant pond.

On one hand you lament
On the other, you point north
And remind yourself-
“I gotta go”

Never lost

Never lost
I am never lost
when I lose myself
on a map

Stay leveled
pull out my compass
for the right direction

I may lose in moments
but I am never lost

Stay calm
because the sun moon stars
are always there to
guide me

colors, tone,
shapes and forms

Subtle hints
ingenius clues
I will always find a way

I may lose in moments
but I am never lost