I am vforvalentin.

I write about my 7 senses and my emotions. I try to keep my poems simple yet deep, rhthmic yet subtle, sometimes poignant, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes random, sometimes purposeful.

I did not start writing poems until 2011. I used to hate poetry. For real. But one windy day, I saw leaves on the ground, took pictures of them, and penned this down:

“Airy- November 9th, 2011

The leaves dance with ease
and occupy this space with colors
like a lighter it sets ablaze my soul- now on fire
for a new possibility today

The trees set in motion
like hungry men, they reach for the heavens
longing to belong
within a melody of the gust of wind
and my box- dark but light with its eye

I photograph
and occupy this space with colors
and I sing
to my heart’s content
without making a sound”

leaves 2leaves 1

I surprised myself. I did not know where it came from, I didn’t know how I was inspired, I didn’t know why I wrote the poem. But it just happened.

“Airy” was the first poem I had ever written. Since then, I wrote.