Hospital Visit

Before getting to the point of being physically sick, it is helpful to take note of and respond to the signs. It’s amazing how the body works in connection with your mental and emotional well-being.

There is no science to prove that yes, I got sick because of stress.

But honestly, you know when you know. And fortunately this is not my first round of anxiety-turned-into-upper-respiratory-infection-that-will-take-about-two-weeks-or-more-to-heal and I actually know exactly what I have to do.

It is not life threatening, yet it serves as an excellent wake up call.

When you tolerate something toxic over an extended period of time, I do believe the toxicity begin piling up in different corners of your body. Whether as a result of unhealthy coping skills or the way your body natural deposits unwanted substance in an attempt to reduce stress.

It’s not your fault that you stayed that long.

It takes time to reach a realization. It takes time to make up your mind. But once your mind is made up, you are set to take flight.

Breathe. And speak it into existence.

“It” as in your imagination of a better place. Your aspirations and hopes for happiness. Your faith and beliefs. Along the way you will meet many who try to convince you that you are not enough. That there is no use for you to try because simply, you can’t. Ha- that’s a dumb idea and it will never work.

Breathe. And speak it into existence.

Don’t let n-o-b-o-d-y tell you what you can or cannot do. Making up your mind is the first step. Doing some research and homework is next. Third- gather all forms of information. Make a plan, stick to it, but don’t forget to allow flexibility in your bullet points.

Breathe. And take flight.

Trust your instincts. Hone in on your beliefs. Work on your tenacity. Listen to your body. And most importantly- don’t forget to breathe.



return to each other
in waves.
This is how water

-Nayyirah Waheed


I’m exhausted, I’m a tired “other”
every gaze and pound of pressure grate on my shoulders
my neck is cramping while my period blood bleeds
Winning an argument is what everyone needs
Surviving alone I’ve held my tongue long
too long, phlegm still gush out when I have my mouth closed
Year after year I heeded to everyone’s oblivion
never once did someone try to seek out my jargon
pain is as disappointing as anger is throbbing
my vein pulses with silent resolve also anxiety
how far I’ve come to learn how to defend
my core, alone, over, and over again